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Researcher Resilience

Beginning a career in research is exciting, but can also become quite overwhelming. It is a competitive environment, with setbacks and pressures. Therefore, it is important to develop resilience through strategies to manage stress, promote wellbeing and reduce burnout.


What is burnout and how to address it

You will come away with a new understanding of what burnout is, how you can support yourself in having a healthy work-life balance and use your institution in both seeking support from and providing support to its members

Managing mental health: dealing with imposter syndrome and more

This resource draws on latest psychology to look at evidence-based strategies you can use to stay well while you research. You will come away with the knowledge of sustainable and healthy work patterns, how to manage setbacks, a better understanding of imposter syndrome, and strategies to effectively deal with it.

10 strategies to help you thrive as an Early Career Researcher

Written by Dr Shane T Huntington: a list of suggestions to help create en environment where you thrive as an Early Career Researcher.

Early Career Blog

The Early Career Blog is a joint endeavor between the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, drawing on expertise from a broad team of careers advisers and development professionals.

Why we need to talk more about Mental Health in Graduate School