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Predatory & VANITY publishers

The increasing prevalence of "predatory" publishers can be scary but with a little common sense and an understanding of ethical and valid publishing practices you will be able to easily avoid them.

Some tools to help you avoid predatory publishers:

  • Beall's List : a list of questionable, scholarly, open access publishers. 
  • Ulrichsweb : search for a journal, and look for 'refereed' in the description which means the journal has been peer-reviewed.

Think, Check, Submit

Predatory conferences

Predatory conferences (conferences promoted to fraudulently make money from attendance fees) are becoming an increasingly common part of academic life. When you receive emails to invite you to attend conferences, how do you know which one is legitimate, and which one is a spam invitation to collect registration fees for one that doesn’t exist?
Think.Check.Attend is a useful tool that can help determine the legitimacy and academics credentials of conferences.