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Finding yourself: Research Metrics

Information and tools to assist with identifying metrics associated with your publications

What are research metrics?

Research metrics measure research performance and attention to research. They can monitor your publication track record and top papers.

But how can you demonstrate the bibliometric performance of your publications and put it into context for your next grant or promotion application?

The aim of this library guide is to help you; 

  • find the best metric to use for you and your research outputs
  • use metrics responsibly
  • provide practical 'how to guides' for you to measure research metrics across each of your research outputs  
  • give an example statement of how metrics can be used in context

Using metrics responsibly

The prevalence of metrics in the assessment of research, researchers and research institutions has lead global initiatives to encourage the responsible use of metrics.

The responsible use of metrics principles recognises that while there is a place for quantitative measures in assessment, they shouldn’t replace qualitative assessment. 

Apply the following responsible use of metrics principles to your research submission and application metrics:

  • Robustness: basing metrics on the best possible data in terms of accuracy and scope;
  • Humility: recognizing that quantitative evaluation should support – but not supplant – qualitative, expert assessment;
  • Transparency: keeping data collection and analytical processes open and transparent, so that those being evaluated can test and verify the results;
  • Diversity: accounting for variation by field, and using a range of indicators to reflect and support a plurality of research and researcher career paths across the system;
  • Reflexivity: recognizing and anticipating the systemic and potential effects of indicators, and updating them in response.

The Metric Tide: Report of the Independent Review of the Role of Metrics in Research Assessment and Management

Responsible Australian metrics use

Refer to scheme-specific rules to determine what metric information should or shouldn't be included in your grant or promotion application. Funding rules change from year to year.

Changes in Metrics

The use of metrics to demonstrate research impact or to compare researchers/publications/faculties is generating strong debate within academic and publishing communities. For more information the following websites and articles are recommended: