Library Search

How can I find the details for a reference in Library Search?

You can use the citation assistant in Library Search to get a basic reference. It is in the results list and in the item record.

  • Click the Citation button. It looks like 2 quotation marks.
  • Select your referencing style from the list on the left.
  • Copy the formatted reference. You will need to double check it against the example in your referencing guide and make any necessary changes. Access to the free CQUniversity referencing guides.

Example of how to copy a citation from the item record

Who helps with referencing?

A librarian can help you to:

  • Find books and ebooks on academic writing and referencing.
  • Identify the type of resource you've found.
  • Find the details to include in the reference.


If you want someone to check your referencing, you need to contact the Academic Learning Centre. Their staff can help you with: writing, referencing and exam preparation. There are appointments and quick queries. Choose the option that works best for you.