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Referencing and assignment Writing

New students often type questions into Library Search asking how to reference, how to find the APA Guide or other reference guides, and how to write their assignments. Although Library Search can do many things, it cannot help you with these questions.

You can use the citation assistant in Library Search to get a basic reference. Click on Citation, select your referencing style, then copy the formatted reference. You will need to double check it against the example in your referencing guide and make any necessary changes.

Screenshot of the citation tools

A librarian can help you to:

  • Find books and ebooks on academic writing and referencing.
  • Identify the type of resource you've found.
  • Find the details to include in the reference.

See the Need Help page of this guide for contact details and the Ask a Librarian calendar.


Did you know there are other places within the University that will help you with your research and assignment writing? Here are some quick links to the areas of support offered by the Academic Learning Support Centre, Student Life, Studiosity and other sections within CQUniversity.

Academic Learning Centre staff can help you with:


Studiosity can help you to:

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