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I want to find and get this article

I have the citation details of an article, how do I find it in Library Search?

Howell, Tiffani Josey, Toukhsati, Samia, Conduit, Russell, & Bennett, Pauleen. (2013). Perceptions of Dog Intelligence and Cognitive Skills (PoDIaCS) Survey. Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 8(6), 418-424.

Step 1. What information should I type into the Library Search box?

If you don't have the citation details (that is, if you don't know the title and the author) go to finding information. When you have the citation details, finding an article is easy.

Type the title of the article into the Library Search box. Use quotation marks to start and end the article title "Perceptions of Dog Intelligence and Cognitive Skills (PoDIaCS) Survey". Add the name of one or more of the authors, Howell. Click Search.

Example of an article title

Step 2: I'm on the results page, now what?

The screen will show a single result. To get the article click on the title or the link that says 'Full text available'.

Example of where to find the full text link

Step 3. I've clicked the link and now there is so much information on the screen, where do I go next?

The full text is available from external providers - it's OK, the Library has paid, so you get to use them for free. There might be one or more than one provider. Click on any one - they will all give you access to the same article online. In the example below, there is only one provider link.

Example of where to click for a full text article link

Step 4. I've clicked the provider link and now I'm getting a log-in box. I didn't have to log in when I was on campus yesterday, now, it's asking me to log in. Why is this?

If you are not on campus, you will need to log in using your student username and password. You will only need to log in once every session. A pop-up log-in box will appear if you need to log in.

Step 5. OK, so I've logged on and I can see the article on screen, but how do I get a copy of it?

To get a copy of the article you might need to download the PDF. This might take a few seconds or longer if you have a slow connection or are downloading a very large article. If there is no PDF link, look for the words Read online or Full text.

Example of where to find the download icon for an online article

Step 6. My article won't open. I get a message saying the link failed or I need to pay or it asks for my password and when I enter it nothing happens. This is very frustrating, what can I do?

Unfortunately, technical issues will happen. The good news is, we are always here to help. The best place to go for getting assistance with a technical problem is TASAC.

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