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How do I save my results?

I have found just the article I need, but I haven't got time to look at it right now. I want to look at it later, can I save it or mark it?

Yes, this is easy. First, you will need to log in.

Step 1. Do I really need to log-in?

Yes, if you don't log-in you can't save anything within Library Search.

You have done a search and you are on the results page. There are a few articles and a book that you would like to save. Log in using your CQUniversity username and password. Often a log-in will give you access to information, but this log in takes you to your own personalised account within Library Search - how cool is that?

Once you log in, your name will appear at the top right hand side of the screen.

Example of where to log in


Step 2. I've logged in and I can see my name has appeared in the top right hand corner of the screen. What do I do next?

Click on the little pin next to the item to save. Click again to un-pin and remove from saved.

To view your saved list, go to the big pin at the top right hand side of the screen, next to your name. The pin will save the link. It will not download the content - you can do that later.

There is no limit to how much material you can pin.

Example of where to find the pin icon


Step 3. Now I've clicked on the big pin at the top of the screen, I can see all the items I've saved in my pin list. Can I do anything else with them, like email them to a friend?

Yes. You can do a lot of things with your results, including emailing by clicking on the envelope icon. Explore if you like, click on the icons and see what else you can do. Click the pin again to remove the link. Easy as.

Example of how to save records


Step 4. I've finished viewing my saved list, now I want to go back to the search results that were on my screen before I clicked on the big pin. How do I do this?

Go to the top right hand side of the screen, next to your name. You will see the big pin has been replaced by the search icon, click on this to return to your search. Your saved items will stay in the list until you delete them. Even if you shut down your computer or device, next time you log in, your saved list will be there.

Example of icon to return to search results


Step 5. Is there anything else I need to know about saving items in my personal account?

There is a lot more you can do, like exporting your results, saving your search query, saving your history, setting up a personalised search interface, creating labels and tags, creating RSS feeds and alerts, but you are just at the beginning stages of learning to search. We recommend you become familiar with the basic features first.

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