Finding Standards

How to find standards and how to access Australian Standards

Techstreet troubleshooting

Viewing documents:

  • Within Techstreet: use the View online option to view documents from Techstreet Enterprise in a web browser, without the need for the FileOpen plugin or special settings.
  • Saved to your device: Download the PDF and open it at least once while online.  To access documents saved to your device after your session, do not log out of the Techstreet platform, just close the browser window.

    Note: Do not rename the file, as this may corrupt it and result in a blank document.

Downloading documents:

Printing documents:

  • To print a document you must download the PDF and open it in Adobe Acrobat/Reader and use the FileOpen plugin.

FileOpen and Google Chrome

If you are unable to read PDFs using the FileOpen plugin in the Google Chrome browser, refer to the Techstreet Help Center guide 

Refer to the guides below for further assistance: