Accessing Australian Standards

Australian Standards

Access Conditions:

To read, download, save or print a standard, you must create an additional registration on the SAI Global site.

Please see the Creating a personal login tab for instructions.

Maximum users 6 concurrent users. Please log out when you have finished your session.
Download Expiry Access to saved files expires after 5 days.
Licence Conditions The licence for this database does not allow for the electronic transmission of files
Software Required From 30 April 2021, both FileOpen Plugin and Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat will be required to enable the viewing of standards. This software is installed on CQUniversity student computers and FileOpen can be installed from the Software Centre on staff computers. To install on your personal device, please see the 'Installing FileOpen' tab. Please see the table below for details.
Device Software required for your device Viewing Instructions
CQUniversity computer - Student

1. Adobe Acrobat (already installed)

2. FileOpen plugin (already installed)

1. Search for a standard
Note: use the Safari web browser for Apple devices, and the Chrome web browser for android devices

2. Select 'View Document'. You will see this message while the document is being watermarked:

Applying Digital Rights

When the document is ready, it will automatically download.

3. To view on:
Computers: Find the downloaded document on your computer (e.g. in the Downloads folder) and open it in Adobe Acrobat (or Adobe Acrobat Reader if this is what you have on your own device)

Mobile devices: Open the document in the FileOpen Viewer app

CQUniversity computer - Staff

1. Adobe Acrobat (already installed)

2. FileOpen plugin 
Install from Software Centre - save your work first, because the computer will restart without warning as part of the installation process.

Own computer

1. Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader

2. FileOpen plugin
See Installing FileOpen tab for more information about installing the required software.

Mobile Device FileOpen Viewer app (available from App Store and Play Store)

International Standards:
Some international standards have been adopted by Australia and these can be identified by the AS/NZ/ISO prefix. If access is available to these standards they will be identified in the Standards Australia database by the "View Online Here" icon.

The Library does not provide access to other international standards such as British (BS), German (DIN), European (EN) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The Standards Australia database may list these standards in a search result list but those unavailable will be identified by a "Buy Now" icon.