Finding Standards

How to find standards and how to access Australian Standards

Logging in to Techstreet

Use your CQU email address to login to the Techstreet Enterprise site - you will then need to authenticate using your usual CQU authentication details.

CQUniversity staff will also be requested to complete their login via dual factor authentication.

Install software

To comply with DRM (Digital Rights Management) as well as enable secure access and use of standards, additional software is required to access Australian standards. The required software is:

  • FileOpen Plugin
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

This software is already installed on CQUniversity student computers. The software is also available to install from:

  • The Techstreet site
  • The Company Portal (for staff computers).

Tips - finding and using Standards via Techstreet

  • Techstreet Search Tips opens in a new window has a great range of tips to help you find the standard you need including:
    - include a space between the publisher code and the standard number, e.g. AS 4509
    - if you're unsure of the publisher code/acronym, search for the standard number only, e.g. 5033
  • To view a document, select the document title, and then access the PDF via the options provided:

view document

  • Techstreet Help opens in a new window includes software links and advice about potential issues including downloading documents opens in a new window, printing PDFs opens in a new window, FileOpen opens in a new window
  • The Techstreet database includes standards from a wide range of organisations. The content accessible to CQUni users will be either Australian Standards, or international standards which have been adopted by Australia, and if available will display the above 'Download' or 'View Online' options.

    If you are looking for an ISO standard, enter the standard number only - this will display all relevant standards including the version adopted by Australia (searching using the ISO code alone will not work, as only a limited number of ISO standards are included in the subscription).

Additional conditions of use

Licence Conditions – The licence for this database does not allow for the electronic transmission of files, and distributing copies is strictly prohibited. One copy can be printed for personal use only.

Maximum number of users – 10 users for Australian Standards, 1 user for ISO Standards (ISO standards adopted by Australia are included under Australian Standards)
Please note: 

  • In Techstreet, a "user" is someone who has recently logged into the platform and is in the process of downloading or viewing a standard.  
  • Someone who is searching on the platform, or accessing a saved document on their device, is not counted as a user.  Consequently, an unlimited number of people can search or browse the platform at any time.
  • If a user has spent 10 minutes viewing a document online, or is not in the process of downloading a document, they are no longer considered a user.  A spot will then be released for another user.

    Note: If you keep your original document open in a Techstreet session, you can open other documents in that session.  However, if you close the original document and open another, you will be considered as a new user.  If the platform is being heavily used, you may be advised that all licences are in use, and to wait 10 minutes before trying to gain access again.