eReading Lists for teaching staff

eReading list information, instructions and training for teaching staff

Are you looking for new resources for your eReading list?

The Library recommends starting with the sources listed below:

If you're looking for reports, fact sheets and practice guidelines, you can search online to find this content on government and professional association websites.

Do I put this in my eReading list or on a Moodle page?

Link to these resources in your eReading list:

  • Articles, eBooks, print books, chapters, and other items from the CQUniversity library collection
  • Textbooks
  • Digitised readings
  • Websites
  • Website content e.g. government reports, legislation, factsheets etc.
  • Videos from Library databases
  • Videos that have been uploaded to the web with permission from the copyright owners


These resources need to live on your Moodle site:

  • Lecture videos and links
  • Lecture slides that you have created
  • Lecture notes
  • Slides from publishers – with copyright permission
  • Content licenced for use in Moodle, such as the Aspire Training materials used for VET courses


Check out our Where to add resources document on the Copyright for teaching staff guide for more information.