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COVID 19 update

Digitisation requests may not always be possible due to issues associated with the current Covid-19 situation.

Some requests may be processed if a book is available in a staffed collection (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane currently unstaffed) or via purchase. This can lead to longer than normal processing times.

Please contact for further assistance.


eReading Lists is a new system integrated with Moodle which provides Unit Coordinators and Lecturers an interactive and collaborative way of providing readings and other resources for students in one place.

Key benefits include:

  • Direct links to the CQUniversity Library collection, delivering robust links to quality resources
  • All items linked from within the Library collection are copyright compliant
  • Reading lists can be structured to suit your unit needs (by week, topic etc)
  • Reading lists can either compliment, or be an alternative to, prescribed texts
  • Citations can be tagged and annotated to highlight their importance or relevance
  • Resources from other sources are checked by Library staff for copyright compliance
  • Copies of readings not held in the Library collection (formerly CROs) can be requested by simply adding a digitisation tag and any additional details to a citation added to the list. These readings will be added to your reading list automatically when complete.
  • Reading lists are 'rolled over' to the next term (HE units) or year (VET units) a unit is offered - this may reduce administrative time when preparing units 
  • Analytics are available enabling you to see how items are being used and where early intervention may be required
  • Easy reporting of broken links.
  • Students can view online course materials on any device.

eReading List Training

  • Totara - eReading Lists Online Course
  • Developing your Unit eReading List (Zoom)
    • This session will step you through the development of your unit eReading list including; locating eReading list platform in Moodle, creating an eReading list, associating eReading list to your unit, adding various resources (library and external), adding Tags, requests, and creating a personal collection.

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Latest updates added to eReading Lists

Update Audience
Tags - tag a citation so that students can readily identify the resources with which they need to engage.  These tags are:
Prescribed Textbook, Supplementary Textbook, Essential, Recommended

Tags -

Digitisation request - only visible for staff to request the digitisation of a resource not held in the Library collection

Personal Copy Available - only visible to staff indicating a personal copy is held for the Digitisation Request

Academic/teaching staff
Student Discussion - option to enable the Student Discussion has been turned on Academic/teaching staff
Publish list - you can publish your list immediately after sending it to the Library.  Any citations drawn from Library Search will automatically be copyright compliant (other citations will not be visible until they have been processed by Library staff and had their status changed to ‘Complete’). Academic/teaching staff
Export list, sections or citations in bibliographic styles to more closely reflect the referencing styles used at CQU. Note: CQU Harvard Guide must still be used

Academic/teaching staff