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Finding yourself: Research Metrics

Information and tools to assist with identifying metrics associated with your publications

What are author metrics?

Author metrics calculate of how often your publications have been cited. Use author metrics responsibly and keep in mind that:

  • Some metrics tools may be skewed to certain disciplines, as the data used is representative of the journals indexed in their databases
  • Not all publication types are included in metrics calculations, for example, abstracts or conference papers
  • Metrics scores may differ depending on the tool used, as each tool has different limitations
  • It is recommended that you use a combination of tools and metrics to measure your research's bearing.
  • Maintaining author profiles can help to keep author metrics as accurate as possible.

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Preparation tips for gathering metrics include:

  • Approaching  the task systematically, one publication title and one databases/platform at a time.

  • Developing meaningful folders for data management

Terms and Use

Term Where to use it

Author Benchmarking 

Benchmarking metrics can measure your performance against other academics and can be used in promotional applications.


The H-Index can by used for promotion applications to highlight the number of citations received over your research career.

Currently the NHMRC is scrutinizing the use of citation H-indexes used in isolation, as they do not describe the impact, importance or quality of the publication(s). As such some grant schemes do not allow the use of h-index in grant applications.

Example statement for promotion and funding applications

"In the past 2 years my work has been gaining traction. According to Scopus citation data, my H-index has increased to 45 from 83 publications and I am ranked in the top 50 researchers globally, in my field."

Note: Some grant schemes do not allow the use of h-index in grant applications e.g. NHMRC. Refer to scheme-specific rules to determine what information should be included. Funding rules change from year to year.