Using BrowZine

A guide on the use of BrowZine, a tool to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals

This guide is being removed

This older version of the guide is no longer being updated, and will be removed on August 16 2024.

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What is BrowZine?

BrowZine: Academic Journals in a browsable format

BrowZine provides a uniform way of reading, sharing, storing, and citing articles. From within BrowZine you can add your favourite journals to a browsable shelf and get notification when a new issue is available. Browse by subject category or alternatively search by title, subject or ISSN.

BrowZine is accessible from the web and via an app that helps you flip through the scholarly e-journals available through CQUniversity or Open Access.

  • Browse and read journals: Browse thousands of top journals by subject, easily review tables of contents, and download full articles.
  • Stay current with My Bookshelf: Create a personal bookshelf of titles to follow and receive new article notifications.
  • Access on any device: Easily access BrowZine from your iOS and Android device and on the web to stay up to date wherever you are.
  • Save and export articles: Use BrowZine to save articles for offline reading or export to services such as EndNote


PC screen with BrowZine‚Äč

Using BrowZine

Access is available on the web and through dedicated Android and iOS applications. To save journal titles and articles you will need to create a personalised account. Journal titles are saved to 'My Bookshelf' and articles are saved to 'My Articles'. To create a personalised account click on Settings, on any device, to sign up.


Getting started - Web

  1. Go to opens in a new window.
  2. Select CQUniversity as your library, if not already set.
  3. Browse Subjects or begin searching based on title, subject or ISSN.

You may need to log in with your CQU username and password to access the full article.


Getting started - Apps

Google play iconApp store icon

  1. Download App
  2. Choose CQUniversity as your library
  3. Accept the privacy policy
  4. Sign in with your CQU username and password
  5. Begin browsing and searching.


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Use the BrowZine search box below to begin exploring.

BrowZine icon

Search e-journals

Research and Articles in Press

The Articles in Press feature in BrowZine delivers access to today's cutting edge research!

Many publishers make articles available before they are formally published in a journal volume and issue. BrowZine makes these articles easily accessible in the Articles in Press section.

In BrowZine Web, Articles in Press appear on the left, just below the journal cover image.

Articles in Press web screenshot

In the mobile app, select a journal and then tap Available Issues to see Articles in Press.

Articles in Press app screenshot

The article alert feature of My Bookshelf includes Articles in Press, ensuring you are notified of all the new research as soon as it is made available. Once you mark an Article in Press article as "read" it stays that way, so you are not notified twice when the article makes its way to a formal issue.

Finding Open Access Journals

Accessing opens in a new window presents an option to make use of the Open Access Library. The Open Access Library contains journals from open access publishers. You can find journals by title, subject or ISSN within the open access collection.

Open Access BrowZine Screenshot

For CQU library subscribed content you will need to use the appropriate CQU BrowZine link opens in a new window. Alternatively, a search for 'open access' within CQU BrowZine content will return a number of Journals that are available under the open access publishing model.

Further information

For further information view the My Bookshelf FAQ opens in a new window and My Articles FAQ opens in a new window.

A list of publishers that are supported available from What publishers do you support? opens in a new window page.

Visit Third Iron's Help for BrowZine Users opens in a new window guide for a list of FAQs.

Third Iron BrowZine video tutorials opens in a new window.