High Level Reviews (systematic, integrative, scoping)

Integrative Reviews, Scoping Reviews, and Systematic Reviews are high level literature reviews.

Critical appraisal overview

Integrative reviews  Scoping reviews  Systematic reviews


Before you go onto extracting information from the identified papers remaining from the screening stage of your high level review you are required to assess the quality of the studies.

This is quite a rigorous process so please ensure you allow yourself and your review team members enough time to complete this phase.


What do we mean by quality?

Quality refers the rigour (design, conducted, reported) of the study/paper and relevance; does it provide meaningful information to assist in answering your high level review question.


How do you assess the quality of each of the papers?

There are a number of Critical Appraisal Tools (CATs) to assist you with your appraisal. Please note that when you are applying a CAT it cannot be altered. You must use CAT/s that are appropriate for the papers included in your review. If you are undertaking an Integrative review, you will probably need to use more than one CAT because of the diverse range of papers included.

Critical appraisal tools

Below is a list of CATs that may assist you in your critical appraisal. Please ensure that you discuss the appropriate tool with your supervisor if you are unsure which CAT you should apply to your papers.