SUN Students - Library Support

This Guide aims to provide Start Uni Now (SUN) students with some basic information about the Library and some tips about how to find and evaluate information.

Library Search

Use Library Search to search for specific books (print and online) that are held in the Library's collection.  

If you are given a citation (reference), e.g.

Zubizarreta, J. (2009). The learning portfolio: Reflective practice for improving student learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

You can use book's author and title as keywords, e.g.

zubizarreta "learning portfolio"

Use this box to start your search.

More details

Library resources

The Library provides access to resources which support CQUniversity units, courses and research.  These resources are provided freely to students, staff and researchers. 

The Library's search tool, Library Search, helps you find these resources which are stored in all of CQUniversity library collections.

Instruction on how to find these resources are available via the Searching for Library Resources tab in this Library Guide.

Borrowing Library resources

SUN students may borrow:

  • unlimited number of items for 2 weeks (or 3 weeks if eligible for the Library's postal service*)
  • unlimited number of item renewals - unless another borrower requests an item

*Postal service:

  • students living more than 50 kms from a CQ campus library are entitled to a postal service which means that an extra week is allowed for posting to and from campus libraries.

More information about the Library's borrowing services can be found on the Library's Borrowing webpage.


The Library staff extends a very warm welcome to all SUN students!

This Guide provides an introduction to the Library as well as offering some tips for effectively and efficiently locating and evaluating information.

During your studies, the Library website will provide you with access to the Library Collection as well as information about a wide range of topics and issues aimed at supporting you in your role as a university student.

Additional online Library support may also be provided within your unit Moodle sites. 

We hope that you find your studies both interesting and rewarding!

Library Locations

SUN students may use the facilities and seek assistance from staff at any of the campus libraries.

Information about the various campus libraries can be found at the following Library Locations

Library opening hours

The campus libraries have different opening times.

Opening times may also vary throughout the year according to the academic calendar e.g. some campus libraries are not open on weekends during term break. 

For information about the opening hours of the campus library closest to you, please click here.