Finding Standards and Patents

This guide will help you understand what standards are, how they are used and how to find them.

Occupational Health & Safety

Australian Occupational Health and Safety standards are available to all CQUniversity students and staff via Australian Standards.

National standards codes of practice and related guidance (NOHSC documents) are available from the Safe Work Australia Website

Accounting Standards

The EIS Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online comprises of the AASB Standards, Statements of Accounting Concepts, AASB Standards 2005, Auditing Standards and Auditing Guidance Statements plus more.

Engineering Standards

Australian Standards

CQUniversity students have access to Australian Standards, an online collection of all AS, AS/NZ and AS/NZ/ISO standards. Some international standards have been adopted by Australia and these can be indentified by the AS/NZ/ISO prefix.

If access is available to these standards they will be identified in the Australian Standards database by the "View Document" icon.


International Standards

The Library also provides access to all current IEEE (Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standards via the IEEExplore database.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) produces hundreds of technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. The Library has print copies of many of these standards. Contact the Library for details on how to locate copies of specific ASTM standards.

The Library does not provide access to other international standards such as Briitish (BS), German (DIN), European (EN) or International Organization for Standardization(ISO). The Australian Standards database may list these standards in a search result list but those unavailable will be identified by a "Buy Now" icon.

Free Standards

SAI Global, the Australian supplier of local and international standards, also provides some access to international standards for free.

The selection is limited but the standard you are looking for may be on their list.

Look for free standards