Research Data Management

Data Management for researchers at CQUniversity.

What is Data Manager and How Do I Access it?

Data Manager is the new system to assist you in managing your research data from the beginning of your project onwards. It replaces the current Data Management Plan form with a new streamlined option. Any plans that you have previously developed will be made available through the new system.

Data Manager includes 2 different forms that will support different steps of your research journey:

  • The Data Management Plan (DMP), a living document that will evolve as you work with your data (creating, manipulating or analysing it).
  • Dataset records will be made for distinct sets of data when they are completed. There may be a single dataset associated with the research project (this is normally the case for RHD projects) or multiple datasets (for example, if distinct data is collected annually).The dataset record is also used  to publish a record of your dataset (either with or without the data itself) to our Institutional repository aCQUIRe, directly through Data Manager. 

The Dataset record harvests information from the DMP to save on data entry.

Data Manager can be accessed from
RHD students please note: You will need to use your affiliate log in (your email) to access the system.

Welcome to Data Manager

This video will demonstrate how to use Data Manager. 

Support documents

The following documents can be helpful in working with Data Manager.

Publishing your dataset

This video will demonstrate how to publish your dataset using Data Manager. Please Note if the dataset you are wanting to publish is greater than 1GB in size please follow the steps in the Uploading large datasets to aCQUIRe information.

Need help with Data Manager?

Send us a query

If you have any issues with Data Manager, including information missing from previously made plans or problems logging in, please contact TaSAC:


Online drop in sessions

If you want to discuss Data Manager further you can join our regular Hacky Hours held on Wednesday afternoons over Zoom. Keep an eye out on the Researcher and Research Student mailing lists for the link.