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Open Access Publishing Choices: Other Funding Options

Information about Open Access publishing, Read and publish agreements, the Open Access Publication Scheme, and Author Accepted Manuscripts.

Other Funding Options

If your journal is not on the Read and Publish Journal List or it has not been accepted as part of the Open Access Publication Scheme, you can check to see if your school of research cluster has funds available to support your article processing charges, or you may be able to pay for them as part of your research grant (funder permitting).


Submit your Authors Accepted Manuscript to Research Elements

Once you do publish your article did you know you are also required to submit your Authors Accepted Manuscript to Research Elements so that it also appears in aCQUIRe as well as the journal. 

An author accepted manuscript (AAM's) is the final author-created version of the manuscript, which includes any changes made after peer-review and has been accepted for publication by the journal, but before the publisher's final copyediting, typesetting, and formatting.​


Why deposit your AAM?

  • Increased research impact: having your Author Accepted Manuscripts in aCQUIRe will increase the chances others will read and cite your publications.

  • Track and measure the impact of your research: Make it easy to keep track of your AAM citation metrics and research impact via aCQUIRe.

  • An enhanced online presence: access to your Author Accepted Manuscripts in aCQUIRe will make it easy for researchers, students, journalists and funding bodies to find you and your publications.

Further information can be found in the Author Accepted Manuscripts Guide.