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What are journals?

Journals (sometimes referred to as serials or periodicals) are published on a regular basis such as monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Generally, a journal is made up of a series of volumes and each volume may contain a number of issues. Within each issue there will be collection of articles by different authors - as represented in the image below.

History journal

Journals can be published in print and electronically; some journals are published in both formats.

History journals relevant to your studies are published by academic associations and organisations.  They do provide access to a huge volume of scholarship on particular topics and may focus on a particular speciality such as economic history, maritime history, political history, South East Asian history. 

Some History journals have been published over many decades and therefore provide an extremely comprehensive depth of historical research. The journal, American Historical Review, for example, was first published in 1895 and features scholarly reviews and articles in all fields of history and is read by a world wide community of scholars.

Sample History journals

The journals listed below are a sample of the journals available online via Library Search.

To find a specific journal, do a Journal Search using the title of the journal.

See Finding History journals and journal articles below for more information on how to locate these types of resources.

Why use journals?

Journals may contain editorials, letters to the editor, book reviews and articles. Of particular use to History students are book reviews and articles.

You need to be aware that there are many different types of journals and as History students, you will be required to read material within scholarly or academic journals. 

Of particular relevance are the scholarly/academic journals known as refereed or peer reviewed journals as these journals use the peer review process to select articles for publication. 

Journal articles can be useful for various reasons including those mentioned below:

Features of scholarly history journal articles

Finding History journals and journal articles

Finding History journals and journal articles in the Library Collection:

You can use the Library's search tool, Library Search, which is available on the Library homepage to find journals.

Simply type in the title of the journal to find what you need.

You can also find journal articles using Library Search by typing in keywords (search terms) and then using the limiters on the right menu to limit to journal articles.

The Library's Moodle site, University Research and Information Skills, provides help with using Library Search. See Identify > Identify search tools.


Finding History journals and journal articles on the Web:

Some scholarly History journals are published freely on the Web - although many more are available through Library subscription.

One of the largest collection of these 'open access' journals is the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Click on Browse Subjects > History (General) and history of Europe or History America and then use the relevant limiters.

Google Scholar can be used to locate 'scholarly' resources including journal articles.

The Library's Moodle site, University Research and Information Skills, provides help with using Google Scholar. See Identify > Identify search tools.

Library Search

Library Search (the Library's search tool) can be used to find a wide range of information sources including books, ebooks, journal articles, streamed videos and Course Resources Online. 

Use this box to start your search.

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