Finding Government Information

This guide provides links to Australian and international government websites, other sources of government information, and search tips on how to find specific government information.

Why use government resources?

All levels of government, Australian and international, publish a variety of documents including parliamentary papers, Hansards, gazettes, Legislation, census data, statistical reports, green papers and white papers. These documents are referred to throughout this Guide and the Glossary provides definitions of these different types of documents.

Government information is authoritative, current and reliable and can be used to:

  • identify professional regulations and legislative requirements (e.g. information on communicable diseases, child abuse, and the building and construction industry)
  • provide insight into various disasters (e.g. the Victorian Bushfires)
  • report on National programs (e.g. Community Infrastructure Program)
  • report on Commissions of Inquiry (e.g. public inquiry into paid maternity, paternity and parental leave)
  • provide statistics (e.g. demographics of a local community)