Capricornia CQ Collection


These manuscripts contain the personal and business papers of the Shannon Family of Saltbush Park, Cardowan and Blenheim stations.

John Shannon arrived in Rockhampton in 1864 and took up land in 1865. Saltbush Park became his home station in 1872. His youngest son Alan was Manager from 192? to 1946, when Alan Jnr (b. 1925) became Manager of Cardowan Grazing Company.

The manuscript collection was deposited by Alan Shannon Jr. and includes diaries, correspondence, station books, work agreements, and photos. Files remain as deposited, but covers have been replaced.

MS A58/110-127, 129-136

A complete list is available.

This manuscript has been divided into three broad categories:

MS A58/110-117: Diaries, correspondence and accounts from 1865 to the 1950s
MS A58/118-127: Correspondence and accounts from 1910 to the 1960s
MSA58/129-136: Accounts from 1900 to 1951

MS X10/128

Box 128 includes the following items:

-  A Saltbush Park Station journal (34 x 22 cm) commenced 1877. It deals with many aspects of the station's management in the 1870s and 1880s. A partial index is available.

-  An exercise book, endorsed 'SH Crompton, Provisional School, Nebo, 1885'. It was used as a diary by  'R M Shannon, Saltbush Park, St Lawrence' for the period November 1887 to February 1888.  A transcription is available.

-  An 'album' scrapbook (34 x 27 cm.) containing an eclectic assembly of material, mostly newspaper clippings and prints, formed by Maude J Shannon between 1906 and the end of World War I; a number of loose items (the latest a newspaper clipping dated 1986) were later inserted between the scrapbook pages.

-  A number of photographs, some of which have been identified, are mostly recent reprints.

Loose papers inside cover of Saltbush Park Station journal and R M Shannon's diary.

MS W2/2078-2080

A complete list is available.

Boxes 2078 and 2079 contain correspondence dated between 1900 and 1916. A summary of this correspondence is available.

More detailed listings are also available for the various folders:

MS W2/2078 1
MS W2/2078 2
MS W2/2078 3
MS W2/2078 4
MS W2/2078 5
MS W2/2079 1
MS W2/2079 2-4

Several items have been transcribed:

MS W2/2078 2 (Item 7): A work agreement made under 'The Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Acts, 1897 to 1901' between John Shannon and George Budby, 22 August 1906.

MS W2/2078 3 (Item 22): A handwritten letter to Mrs Margaret Shannon from Robert Archer re Stone Hill Paddock and prickly pear, dated 4th July 1912.

MS W2/2078 4 (Item 20): Inward correspondence from JH Stanley to John Shannon re: fencing, water and fire, dated 12th July 1906.

Box 2080 contains eighteen boxes of glass plate negatives. This list contains only those negatives that have had reprints made. No comprehensive list exists at present.