Capricornia CQ Collection


Manuscript material from the Mount Morgan Mine Collection is presently listed by box number in the order received.

The manuscripts are listed in four parts:
Part 1: MS D15/267-579, 637-650
Part 2: MS J10/914-915
Part 3: MS M1/1070-1077
Part 4: MS M14/1230-1299, 1314-1599

When an item of interest is located, note the box number which appears at left of entry and any folder number that may be shown. These are needed to retrieve the material. For example:

277 Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company Ltd. Survey Department.
.1 Assays 6/6/1912 - 18/10/1920 Mount Morgan Limited.

The box number is 277.
The folder number is 1.

Please note:
1. Most of the records from the old company appear to have been lost. Our collection of pre-1927 material is limited.
2. We don't hold many employee records, apart from wage cards for 1934-1953 (See 290-298, 317).
3. You may like to contact the Mount Morgan Museum to see what records they hold in their collection.


There are over 4000 images in the Mount Morgan Mine Collection. They are in a variety of formats and most of them have been listed:

Aerial Photographs
Colour Slides
Contact Negatives / Contact Prints
Large Format Photographs - Group 1
Large Format Photographs - Group 2
Large Format Photographs - Group 3
Loose negatives
Miscellaneous Photographs


The Mount Morgan Mine Collection contains roughly 30,000 drawings and plans.

Twenty thousand drawings have been listed to date. Due to the size of the collection, the lists have been separated into twenty Excel sheets:

List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 List 5
List 6 List 7 List 8 List 9 List 10
List 11 List 12 List 13 List 14 List 15
List 16 List 17 List 18 List 19 List 20

A list of location codes is also available.