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General Information

Staff should make themselves familiar with CQUniversity Australia copyright-related policies

This page is a starting point for CQUniversity staff involved in creating and updating Moodle courses.

When creating and updating courses, it may be necessary to use work which has copyright limitations.

It is important to understand the implications arising from when one reproduces and/or communicates these works. The information below will assist staff to do this.

There are three copyright statuses that a work can hold, each of which will allow for different usage within a course:

  • Public Domain works:
    • free to reuse, share and modify in any way. Works with this status offer no limitation on how the content may be used. Most works in the public domain is previously copyrighted content which has had its copyright term expired.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER):
    • developed with educational use in mind. The creator of the resource will include information about usage rights through the inclusion of a licence such as Creative Commons. The different types of Creative Commons licenses and their terms can be found here.
    • can be located on the internet using the following guidelines.
  • Copyrighted works:
    • majority of content will be copyrighted limiting how you can provide access to this content.
    • physical resources can be partially digitised (within copyright limits) to allow for improved student access. Only one electronic copy of any copyrighted work is allowed on the University network. For this reason if you want to digitise you will need to place a CRO request using the Library's online form.
    • web content including sites such as YouTube, can be link to directly from both Moodle and within study guides. Links must open in a new window and be fully referenced.
    • articles available in Library databases can be linked to directly using instructions available from the Library website.
    • Information on how to seek permission from copyright owner/s to use works beyond the Statutory and Music licences for educational purposes can be found here.

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