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For staff, researchers and students.

General Information

Students should make themselves familiar with the copyright-related policies at CQUniversity.

Students and researchers own the copyright in their own, original work. Copyright protection is automatic and there is no need to register your work for it to be protected by copyright. You are free to use your work in any way you like, including putting it on the internet, entering it in a competition, or selling it to a publisher. Should a CQUniversity Australia staff member want to make use of something you have created as, perhaps, an example of students' work, they would need to ask your permission to use it [permission template]

Important exceptions:

If you receive funding from a grant, or are working collaboratively on a project, you should take time early on to sort out who owns the intellectual property in the work being created. Any agreement you sign is legally binding and may give rights to others, or take some rights away from you.

Students often rely on using the copyright of others. For example, you may want to include an image or diagram in an essay, or to perform a drama excerpt in a class drama presentation. In the context of your studies within the University, such uses are generally permitted. However, the same material cannot be made public, such as put up on the internet, or performed to a public audience. You only have the right to use your own, original work.

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