Open Access for Research

An introduction to Open Access and how to make your research open.

Journal Outputs

There are currently three options available to assist you in publishing using your article in an open access journal


The Open Access Publication Decision Tree has been designed to help you make the best choices publish in the best quality journal for the best value for money.

Book outputs

Books and book chapters can be overlooked in the discussion about open access. Publishing a book as open access provides the same benefits as open access article publications, including greater exposure, increased citations and complying with funder mandates.

​Many not-for-profit and commercial scholarly publishers provide the option of publishing your book open access, with differing levels of licensing options.

Open Access publishers and policies can be viewed using the following resources:

Non-traditional Research Outputs

Non-traditional research outputs (NTROs) resulting from ARC grants are subject to the same open access requirements as traditional research outputs.

Creative Commons Licensing & Copyright
To make NTRO's openly accessible, consider Creative Commons Licensing opens in a new window. These licenses allow you to retain copyright and choose the conditions under which your work is released.

For more information about Creative Commons licenses and copyright, see the CQUniversity Copyright Policy and the Creative Commons Library Guide.