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eReading Lists for Students

Print and electronic resources

Readings from electronic resources will include a 'View Online' link:

Readings from print resources will include campus holdings:

Mark Items As Read

To keep track of your reading, you can mark items as read.

Example of a reading marked as read

Mark Links As Broken

If you find a broken link in your eReading List, click the title to open the full record. In the 'Links and Availability box, click the 'Mark as broken' text to notify the Library.

An example of a reading list entry with the Mark as broken function circled

Exporting Citations

You have the option to export your reading list in various formats, including as a Word document, spreadsheet, PDF, or as an RIS file that you can import into EndNote. Click on the ellipsis (...) at the top of your list and select 'Export' from the drop-down list.

Choose the citation style from the drop-down list. Make sure to review your output to ensure the citations are correctly formatted.

Example showing the location of Export in the drop down list

Example showing APA chosen from the Bibliographic style menu as the citation style