Library Search

I want to find and get this book

Step 1. What information should I type into the Library Search box?

You are trying to find this book and you know the title and the author.

(If you don't know the title and the author, go to finding information).

Type the title of the book using "quotation marks" at the start and end of the book title. Add the author. Then click SEARCH.

Example of a book title

Did you know? If you type The Courageous Follower without quotation marks, Library Search will find every singlenitem that has these words, retrieving overn ten thousand items in the results list!

Step 2: I'm on the results page, now what?

On the results page, you will sometimes see only a hardcopy book, sometimes only an online book, often you will see both. You might also see different editions. Decide which edition you want, and if you want to read it online or get the hardcopy. Click on the title of the book to get it.

How to access a hardcopy book

Step 3.  I'm in Noosa. I can see that the book is on the shelf, but how do I know if it's available? How do I find it in the Library?

Click on the book title to see the details page. You can now see if a copy is available and on shelf.

If you're not sure how to locate a book, ask one of the library staff at the front desk. We also have a guide that will tell you how to find books on the shelf. Make sure you look at how many copies are available. Sometimes, the screen will show 1 copy, 0 available - this means that although we have 1 copy, it is out on loan at the moment. If it is out on loan, you can Request the book.

The Details Page that shows available books

Step 4. I want the hardcopy book but it's in Noosa, and I'm in Melbourne. Can I get this book? Will it cost me anything? How long will it take?

Yes, you can have any general book no matter where you are. (Short term loans don't travel). Go to Guide 5 and follow the steps to request a book. The Library staff will find the book and send it to you, free of charge. It will take a few days. If you are a distance student, the book will be sent to your home address and we will include free return postage. If you're studying on campus, the book will be sent to your home campus and you can collect it from the Library. We will email you when it's ready to be collected. How good is that!

Step 5. I want the online book. I've clicked the title and now there is so much information on the screen, where do I go next?

The full text is available from external suppliers - it's OK, the Library has paid, so you get to use them for free. Click on either one - they will both give you access to the same book online. If you're not on campus, you might need to log-in with your username and password to access the e-book.

The online access page for an e-book

Step 6. I've found the e-book, but I'm not sure how to download it.

Sometimes you need to download a special program to read the book. Look for instructions on the e-book page. Most of the time, you can read the book online or select to download a chapter or the whole book. If you need a bit more help, contact TASAC<.

Step 7. My e-book won't open. I get a message saying the link failed or it asks for my password and when I enter it nothing happens. This is very frustrating, what can I do?


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