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What is Library Search?

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Use Library Search to access:

  • books on shelf at a CQUniversity campus
  • full text journal articles online
  • full text e-books online
  • other academic works, multimedia and newspapers online.

Library Search is not Google. We have only academic and high quality resources that you can trust - the best research from around the world. To use Library Search, you will need to learn a few things. The very first is what you can find in Library Search and what you can't find there.

Is this information in Library Search?   Go to this website instead
Textbooks, hardcopy books Yes  
Peer-reviewed articles Yes  
Journal articles and journals Yes  
Conference papers, newspapers, music scores, videos Yes  
Dissertations, theses, dictionaries Yes  
Australian Standards No Australia Standards at CQUniversity
Nursing standards, codes, guidelines No Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
APA and other referencing guides No Referencing at CQUniversity
Statistics No Australian Bureau of Statistics
Government information, acts of parliament, legislation, regulations, workplace health & safety No The Australian Government
Databases No Databases at CQUniversity
Information about enrollments, semester dates No CQUniversity
Acquire (the CQUniversity repository of academic work) No


Past exam papers No Exam papers at CQUniversity

Bus timetables, restaurant information, Facebook, Twitter, 457 Visa, YouTube, music videos, Wikipedia, how to make blueberry muffins, skydiving for beginners ....

No Try Google


What else can I do in Library Search?

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