Research Data Management

Data Management for researchers at CQUniversity.

Retention and destruction

Data stored by CQUniversity will be retained in accordance with national guidelines for the retention and destruction of research data and any additional contractual or legal requirements.

CQUniversity records are subject to:

At the expiration of the retention period, the data and materials should be re-evaluated for further retention or destruction. The Research Division needs to be contacted in regards to this evaluation.

The Records Management Policy and Procedure can be obtained from the CQUniversity Policy portal.

Long term data retention

Planning for appropriate long-term storage locations is the foundation of data and materials management. Storage must be in multiple locations that are recommended for long-term retention and have appropriate security measures in place (e.g. locked filing cabinet, password protected storage, key access). CQUniversity Research Data Storage Options. It's important to give consideration to using non-proprietary file formats.

Appropriate safety measures must also be in place, for example ensuring the data is safe from damage, deterioration or accidental loss by keeping backups and imperishable copies or records.

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