Research Data Management

Data Management for researchers at CQUniversity.

Available data sets

Published data may be found in a variety of locations.

Dataset Search opens in a new window (beta) has been launched as a companion to Google Scholar. Initial release will cover the environmental and social sciences, government data and datasets from news organisations. Guidelines for Dataset Search opens in a new window.

Further dataset sources include:

Data directories/repositories

Government repositories


Australian geoscience data portals

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI's)

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) system is used to create unique, persistent identifiers for intellectual property in the digital environment.

CQUniversity has signed the ARDC DOI Service Policy Statement opens in a new window which allows us to mint DOIs for our researcher's scholarly outputs such as:

  • datasets and collections
  • associated workflows
  • software
  • models
  • grey literature

For more information about DOIs, read the ARDC DataCite DOI service opens in a new window page

How do I cite a data set?

Citing a data set is like citing other resources. You need the details that help identify the authors and the data. Each referencing style will be a little different, and the citation will change depending on whether it has a DOI or URL. It's a good idea to record the following information:

  • Authors (the people or organisation responsible for creating the data)
  • Year published
  • Title of the dataset
  • Version number
  • Type of resource, e.g. dataset, unpublished raw data, user experience survey
  • Publisher, distributor or repository
  • Date you accessed the data
  • DOI / URL or other identifier

Example citations in APA 7th

Walsh, K., Payne, A., Subedi, P., & Anderson, N. (2012). Mango fruit on tree image collection [Data set].

Rolfe, J., & Lockie, S. (2012). Survey of spending patterns from the mines in the Nebo shire: Moranbah dataset [Data set]. aCQUIRe.

Example citations in CQU Harvard:

Walsh, K, Payne, A, Subedi, P & Anderson, N 2012, Mango fruit on tree image collection, dataset, CQUniversity, doi:10.4226/145/59c9b2448242c

Rolfe, J & Lockie, S 2012, Survey of spending patterns from the mines in the Nebo shire: Moranbah dataset, dataset, CQUniversity, viewed 10 July 2019,