Research Data Management

Data Management for researchers at CQUniversity.

What is a data management plan (DMP)?

The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) guide to Data management plans opens in a new window provides researchers with an introduction to preparing data management plans.

It specifies that a data management plan is a living document that describes:

  • What data will be created?
  • What policies will apply to the data?
  • Who will own and have access to the data?
  • What data management practices will be used?
  • What facilities and equipment will be required?
  • Who will be responsible for each of these activities?

Why do I need a data management plan?

CQUniversity requires a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) for every research project.

Your research project may result in many megabytes of data. By creating a robust Data Management Plan (DMP) at the beginning of the project you will:

  • save time and frustration in locating past or current data and accompanying metadata
  • avoid the potential loss of data or the violation of privacy
  • improve efficiency, protection, quality and exposure of your data

The RDMP is a living document that may be added to during the course of the project and should be reviewed/updated yearly.

If you are applying for an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant, you will need to submit an overview of your DMP. ANDS has prepared an ARC applications - filling in the data management section opens in a new window guide to assist researchers with this.

How do I create a Data Management Plan?

You can use Data Manager to create your Data Management Plan.

See the Using Data Manager page of this guide for more information.

Research data management: Talk data to me (ANU Library)

Clear, succinct video created by the Australian National University Library providing details of managing research data and the research data lifecycle.