ebooks @ CQUniversity Library

This guide is designed to help you find and use ebooks held by CQUniversity Library.

Using Library Search to find ebooks

Library Search enables you to search for a specific ebook or ebooks on a particular topic

1. Enter your search terms/book title in the search box on the homepage and then click Search:

Library Search box with an example search for the topic project management


2. On the right side scroll down to Content Type

3. Click on Show More and select the type Books

4. Under Show only (located above Content Type) click on Full Text Online (if there are ebooks they will now appear in the results)

The active filters section of the limiters menu on the right showing that Books and Full text Online have been selected.


To access the e-book click on Full text available or Online access links as shown below:

Example of e-book in results list with Full text available option highlighted

Example of e-book in results list with Online access option highlighted