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Library Search

Use Library Search to search for specific books (print and online) that are held in the Library's collection.  

If you are given a citation (reference), e.g.

Zubizarreta, J. (2009). The learning portfolio: Reflective practice for improving student learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

You can use book's author and title as keywords, e.g.

zubizarreta "learning portfolio"

Use this box to start your search.

More details

How do I find books on a particular topic?

Use Library Search to find books (print and online) in the Library's collection on a particular topic.

Topic:  Why do you think it is important that students reflect on their learning?  Discuss the role of reflection. 

If you were looking for books on the topic above for example, you would initially conduct the following keyword search:


Check the Search Tips tab in this Guide to help you search more effectively and efficiently.

When the results list appears, you will then need to refine your results by limiting to Books by going to Content Type in the menu on the right and then clicking on the word Books (you might have to click on the Show More option first)  The results list will then update to include books only.