STEPS Library Support

Library information and help for Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) students

Finding websites

Millions of websites can be found by undertaking a basic Google search such as the one below:


The search results can then be refined using the left menu.

Alternatively a Google Advanced Search may provide more options for retrieving more relevant results.
Locate the Google Advanced Search page by clicking on the wheel icon to the right of the results already obtained through a basic search:

The Google Advanced Search option allows you to limit your search results in many ways e.g. limiting to more 'scholarly' information, by setting domain by entering .edu,, .gov, or  into the domain box, the results will only be associated with educational or government institutions or organisations and are therefore likely to be more credible.


Finding images on the Web

A Google Images search can help you find images that you can use in a number of situations.  Be very careful not to infringe copyright however when you are copying images.

To locate this search tool, go to the Images link in the menu of a Google search page.

By using the Google Advanced Image Search, you can limit your results in a number of ways including the retrieval of images that are 'free to use, share or modify, even commercially'

Finding books on the Web

A Google Books search can help you find information within books.  To locate this search tool, go to the More drop-down box on the Google homepage and click on the Books link.

Type in your keyword remembering that fewer keywords are generaly used for a book search as opposed to an open web search:


Note: A Google Books search mayl not retrieve full text due to copyright restrictions - sometimes you will be able to view chapters or only 1or 2 sentences. Generally, text cannot be copied or printed - it can only be read online.