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Rockhampton: a bibliography to 1975

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Olivia Abbay's Rockhampton: a bibliography to 1975

This bibliography indexes resources from a variety of collections.  The resources mentioned cover the period from the arrival of the first Europeans in the Rockhampton area in 1853 to the end of 1975. The bibliography refers to published and unpublished items, newspaper and periodical articles and cuttings, parliamentary papers, pictorial matter, maps, and films.

For fuller details of the bibliography's scope and arrangement, refer to the appropriate section below.

1. Introductory material [PDF file]
Guides to sources.
Introduction; scope, arrangement, historical and bibliographical summary.
Abbreviations, locations, subject headings used.

2. Numerical Listing (Entries under broad subject headings)
Nos. 1 - 1071 [PDF file]
Nos. 1072 - 2141 [PDF file]
Nos. 2142 - 3153 [PDF file]
Nos. 3154 - 4270 [PDF file]
Nos. 4271 - 5224 [PDF file]

3. Subject Index [PDF file]
Items are listed under specific subject headings with reference to the full entry in the numerical listing.

4. Author / Title Index [PDF file]

5. Appendices [PDF file]

Short Manuscripts

The following short manuscripts were written by local historians:

An Overview of Rockhampton’s History
Lorna McDonald
Canoona - Boom to Bust in 66 Days
Sue Palmer-Gard
Crocodile Creek
Sue Palmer-Gard
Mining the CQ Collection and Discovering Rockhampton' Trades Hall
Barbara Webster
Rockhampton's Racecourse Riot
Carol Gistitin
Short History of the Stanage Area
Neville Kayes
South Sea Islander women and World War II
Carol Gistitin