Document Delivery

A guide to document delivery services for researchers and research higher degree students.

Researchdoc Guidelines

To assist us in being able to provide prompt, equitable service:

  • Requests costing over $100 will be reviewed prior to purchasing.
  • When requesting items please use the form of your name that you used on the Researchdoc registration form. (If you use your nickname/alternate name on the request form after using your proper name on your Researchdoc registration form you may not be recognised as registered for Researchdoc).

  • Document Delivery requests must be submitted using your CQUniversity email address, and documents can only be delivered to a CQUniversity email address.
  • Request one item per web request form as this assists in the processing of requests.

  • When you enter the information into the web request form, please indicate the source of the citation e.g. information about the database you searched (e.g. CAB Abstracts on EBSCOhost), the article reference list (full citation of the article in which the citation appears), the URL of a web reference.

  • Search the Library collection and e-journals list before submitting the request to check we do not already have access either in hard copy (print) or electronically.

  • Be aware that access to some electronic journals may be restricted due to embargo periods imposed by the publishers. Researchdoc does not fund document delivery of any material available through CQUniversity Library which has an embargo period of less than six months.

  • Be aware that book loans are subject to rules imposed by the lending library. Most libraries will lend items for 8-10 weeks, and the items cannot be renewed. Occasionally, book/thesis are loaned to CQUniversity Library with the restriction that they are not to leave the library building. This will be strictly enforced.

  • Often theses cannot be borrowed. In this case, the Library will endeavour to purchase the requested thesis and, in accordance with the collection development policy, it may be added to the CQUniversity Library collection and then loaned to the requester.

  • Queries regarding document delivery can be made online: or by email: