EndNote is a reference management software that can be used on Windows and Macintosh computers. It allows you to create a collection of bibliographic records and files to use for your research and writing.

Insert a figure into your document

The Cite While You Write (CWYW) function in EndNote also works with figures. You can insert diagrams, photographs, maps, graphs or charts, cartoons or other images into your document from their EndNote records.

NOTE: Updating your citations and bibliography in Word doesn’t update the captions of your figures, so you need to make sure you’ve got the captions you want before you insert your figures.


How to insert a figure

  1. Hit enter at the end of the block of text your image relates to. Hit enter again so a full line space is left for your image.
  2. Insert your cursor at the place in the text where you want to insert the reference to your image, e.g. (Figure 1).
  3. Go to the EndNote tab on the tool bar in Word.
  4. Open the Insert Citation menu and choose Insert Figure.
  5. Search your EndNote library for a keyword from the Title or Caption of your figure.
  6. Select the figure you want and click Insert. Your figure will be inserted in the space you left, and the Figure number in brackets will be appear where the cursor was put.

Figures and their captions can be repositioned, e.g. centered, after they have been inserted. Figures can also be resized.


The referencing style you have chosen may be set up to create a List of Figures at the end of your document, as in the example below. If you want your figures to appear in text, but your figure is not appearing at the point in the text where you tried to insert it, you will need to edit the style. See When I insert a figure from EndNote it doesn't appear where I put it. on the Troubleshooting issues with your document page.