EndNote is a particular brand of content management software. It allows people to store bibliographic references in files that are referred to as libraries. Endnote can be used on Windows and Macintosh computers.

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If you need help using EndNote, you can book a 20 minute Ask a Librarian session. These sessions are online and use videoconferencing software. The screen-sharing capabilities make it good for working through the steps of using different EndNote functions. Please include details of the functions you want help with when you register.



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You can get also technical support and help guides from the vendors:



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We've made a few short EndNote videos you can watch. Topics include:

  • Exporting references from Library Search and databases
  • Attaching files to references
  • Backing up your EndNote library
  • Output Styles
  • Working with EndNote in Word
  • Edit your document safely

What will happen to my EndNote library as part of the OneDrive Sync Activation?

You may have heard about the activation of OneDrive Sync on your campus. As an EndNote user you need to be aware that any EndNote library files that move to OneDrive will have an error message. You will need to move your EndNote library files to Downloads before your files are migrated.

How to transfer your EndNote library safely to Downloads before your files are migrated to OneDrive

  1. Open your current working library.
  2. Save a compressed copy to a new EndNote folder inside the Downloads folder of your work computer. (It is a good idea to have 3 compressed copies of your library for back up. Save the other 2 in other locations.)
  3. Open the compressed copy to create a new working copy.
  4. Open the new library, then use Convert to Unformatted citations followed by Update Citations and Bibliography in any documents you've been using EndNote with. This will refresh the links between the documents and your library.
  5. Reset PDF handling preferences and sync to EndNote Online if you had them. (You may need to reset the file path for the library to sync if EndNote doesn't update that for you.)

For more detailed instructions see: Transferring your library safely to Downloads (PDF)

If something goes wrong and you need help with this process: Keep calm and Ask a Librarian. You can have 20 minutes one-on-one with a librarian to walk you through this. Sessions are online via Zoom.

You can also contact EndNote's technical support staff.

Is it safe to keep documents with EndNote citations in OneDrive?

It is ok to store your documents in OneDrive BUT:

When you use EndNote's Cite While You Write (CWYW) function to add citations to your document, you are adding a lot of coding to the document to make the citations and references work. If you open your EndNote formatted Word documents in a web-based word processor, e.g. Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, or OneDrive, you can damage this coding and corrupt your document.

Always open and work with your EndNote formatted Word documents in the desktop app.

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