Finding Psychological Tests and Measures

This guide provides information on locating psychology tests and measures.

How to locate published tests

Ask the Faculty

A number of psychological tests are located in the School of Health & Human Services. You will need to seek the faculty's permission to access this test library. Please contact your Supervisor for advice.

Purchase a copy

Check out the publisher's website or see if the test is for sale via one of the Psychological test suppliers opens in a new window listed on the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website.

Note: To find out publisher details, try searching a test directory.

Note: The publisher may require you to fill in a form outlining your qualifications to ensure that you are capable of administering the test and interpreting the results.

Finding tests on PsycINFO

Search PsycINFO to find tests that have been appended to journal articles. You can also find journal articles about studies where a particular test has been used..

Search the internet

Search the Internet

Occasionally, a test will be freely available on the web.

Example search:

Example Google search


Note: Remember that this kind of search will bring up results about the test as well as the test itself (if it is available online).