Finding Statistics

This guide will assist you to locate relevant statistics for your assignments.

Types of statistics

Information on a variety of Australian and International statistical sources are available for the following types of statistics:

  • Demographic: statistics of a population, or section of a population.

  • Economic: statistics relating to the economy, including business or economic indicators.

  • Education: statistics relation to the education and learning at all levels.

  • Environment: statistics relating to all aspects of the environment and natural resources.

  • Health: statistics relating to the health and welfare of an individual, population or country.

  • Marketing: statistics relating to marketing including trade and key performance indicators.

  • Safety: statistics relating to safety and injury-related issues.

  • Social: statistics relating to society and social issues including crime and justice, culture and social wellbeing.

  • Sport: statistics relating to sport and leisure activities.

ABS statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has collections of statistics listed under Topics @ a Glance.

These include:

  • Economy
  • Environment and Energy
  • Industry
  • People
  • Regional

Some topic areas do not have specific themes and you need to search the ABS web site for relevant statistics.