Built Environment Resource Guide

This guide is designed to give students undertaking a Building or Construction program an overview of the resources available.

Building Code of Australia (BCA)

The Building Code of Australia is available online to all CQUniversity students and staff.

The University's access to the Building Code of Australia is now available via the Westlaw - Queensland Building Service platform. 

To access the BCA:

1.      Go to the Library home page

2.      Select the More Search Options box

3.      Go to the Databases link and select the letters U-Z from the A-Z listing

4.      Select Westlaw link

5.      Log in with your student log in details when prompted

The BCA has traditionally been presented in 2 volumes, however access through the Queensland Building Service has broken up each volume and presented each section as menu options.

6.      Keep expanding the quick links on the left hand side of the page (click the + sign) until you find what you are looking for.

7.      Click on the document icon (“download the current document page” when you want to view or print that section) 


Please note: 

Section I Maintenance in Class 2-9 Buildings has now been taken down.

The two parts of Section I give the following message:

 The content of Part I2, which existed in BCA 2013, has been removed. The Part number I2 has been retained so as not to change the numbering of the current BCA from that of BCA 2013.