Borrowing limits for staff

CQUniversity staff are entitled to be enrolled with the Library for the period of tenure/contract and must agree to abide by Library regulations. 

Staff who are also students of the University are entitled to use only one borrowers card. Staff should apply to their campus library either in person, by phone or email to arrange membership.

Staff on honorary appointments must have their appointment confirmed by the relevant school or research centre and provide evidence of identification before a library card can be issued. Membership remains valid until the end of the appointment. All applicants must sign a statement agreeing to abide by Library regulations.

Staff in good standing with the Library may borrow the following:

  • unlimited items from the general collection 
  • print journals for 21 days
  • unlimited renewals from the general collection (provided the item is not requested)
  • one hold per title for items currently on loan.

Staff are encouraged to acquire their own desk copies of text books or class set texts.

Staff who are not located close to a CQUni campus with a Library are eligible for home delivery of physical library items. The library will post the item to the staff member for free however the staff member is responsible for the cost to post return the item. 


Loans will be renewed automatically unless the item is requested by another borrower or the user is blocked from borrowing.

All notices and communications from the Library will be forwarded by email.  The responsibility for checking email and returning or renewing material by the due date rests with the borrower.

Staff are advised not to return material via a third person, as the borrower is liable for the safe return of the material. Staff should not re-lend borrowed material to another person. Staff who lose their  library identification card or have library material stolen should notify the library immediately.

Any staff member who does not return overdue material or material that has been recalled by the Library will not be permitted to borrow any further material until the situation is rectified.   A staff member may become ineligible (i.e. denied borrowing privileges) if recalled loans are overdue.

Long overdue items

All Library users are responsible for the material they borrow. The Library may declare an item lost if the item is four weeks overdue. Should an item be lost, long overdue, or damaged, the borrower is required to pay a standard replacement charge of $150 (incl. GST).

In lieu of paying the replacement cost, the Library will accept an exact copy of the item or later edition. The replacement fee for laptops and multimedia equipment will be the current market price.

Any person detected at the security gate with Library material which is defaced or has not been loaned in accordance with the Library's borrowing procedures is liable for disciplinary action.