Open Access for Research

An introduction to Open Access and how to make your research open.

What are the benefits?

The Wider Community:

  • Anyone can benefit from wider access to research, where previously they may have been unable to afford it. This is especially significant for schools, small businesses, non-government organizations.
  • Open access research ensures that developing countries have access to the latest arts, scientific and medical knowledge.

Researcher & CQUniversity benefits include:

  • Increased reach of research
  • Increased personal and Institutional gains and rankings based on citation counts
  • Improved quality of research, through open, transparent, reproducible and accountable research practices.

Image outlining benefits of open access. More exposure of your work; practitioners can apply your findings; Higher citation rates; Your research can influence policy; The public can access your findings; Compliant with grant rules; Taxpayers get value for money; Researchers in developing countries can see your work. CC-BY licence Danny Kingsley & Sarah Brown