Nursing Resource Guide

This guide provides information on how to locate resources relevant to nursing.

Key Databases for Nursing and Midwifery

N.B. Joanna Briggs and MIMS Online are not searchable through Library Search.

How to use the key health and medical sciences databases

Tutorials and instructions on how to use PubMed/ MEDLINE, CINAHL Complete, Cochrane Library, Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database via Ovid, and MIMS Online can be found through the link below.

You can also find information about MeSH (Medical Subject Headings).

Systematic Reviews

Are you looking for Systematic Reviews?

Use the link below if you would like to know more about how to find systematic reviews within the recommended databases.

Recommended databases for finding Systematic Reviews

CINAHL Complete, Cochrane Library, PubMed & Joanna Briggs (JBI)

From the library homepage select the 'More Search Options' to access databases individually. Select the databases link and you will able to choose databases from the alphabetical list. 

Other Health-Related Databases


Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook
Description: AIDH is a comprehensive reference of over 450 injectable medicines, including 65 antineoplastic medicines, and offers concise, referenced information commonly needed by nurses when preparing and giving an injectable medicine.  The latest edition has an increased focus on warnings and patient monitoring.

Australian Medicines Handbook
Description: AMH is widely recognised as Australia's leading independent medicines reference providing concise, practical and reliable drug information. The book is designed with the busy health professional in mind. AMH structure is broken into easy to use chapters, drug classes and monographs, treatments and appendices.

MIMS Online
Description: MIMS Online provides access to abbreviated and full medicines information, product images and consumer medicines information. As well as providing information for health professionals, it also provides information sheets for patients.

Drug Calculations Tutorial
Description: This tutorial from Flinders University provides information to assist you with drug calculations and including the ability to check your competency.


The journals listed below are a sample of the journals available online via Library Search.

To find a specific journal, do a Journal Search using the title of the journal.

Library Search

Library Search can be used to find a wide range of information sources including books, ebooks, journal articles, streamed videos and Course Resources Online. 

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